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Our Services

We are passionate about helping patients in our community optimize their health so they can live vibrant lives. To help patients attain optimal health and wellness, we have expanded our practice offerings to provide a comprehensive array of services:


Chiropractic Care

Using safe and effective adjustments, chiropractic care is used to reduce subluxations or nerve interference that can lead to pain and illness. We can adjust patients of all ages, from newborns to 90-year-olds, using techniques that are best suited to each patient’s unique needs.

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Effective and affordable, decompression is a nonsurgical, traction-based treatment that can help treat back, neck, arm and leg pain and a variety of conditions ranging from arthritis to herniated discs.

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Electro-Muscle Stimulation

Using small amounts of electrical current, this type of therapy increases blood flow to muscles, helps to reduce swelling, block pain and accelerate healing. With electro-muscle stimulation, you’ll find a slight tingling sensation that isn’t at all painful.

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Laser Therapy

This type of therapy uses wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects such as diminished pain, increased joint flexibility and improved healing. Laser therapy can help with many conditions, ranging from back pain and fibromyalgia to carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis.

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Using high-frequency sound waves, ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment that is used to promote healing. The treatment can be administered directly to the area of complaint. Ultrasound is painless — in fact, most patients won’t feel anything.

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Cullman Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Mention massage and you may think of an indulgent spa treatment. Massage therapy, however, provides multiple benefits such as relieving pain, enhancing relaxation and reducing stress. We offer three different types of massages: deep tissue, Swedish and prenatal.

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Personal Training & Fitness

Despite our best intentions, it’s sometimes difficult to find a fitness regimen that we’ll stick to. With our personal training & fitness services, our personal trainer will motivate you and help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

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8 Weeks to Wellness®

While the traditional medical model tends to focus on sickness care, the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program aims to help people optimize their health through wellness care. We’ll help you take responsibility for your health through diet, supplements and exercise so you can live your best life!

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Let us partner with you in your quest to experience healing and higher levels of health and wellness. Call us today for more information or to book an appointment!

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